Friday, September 22, 2006

All tangled up

I have no idea how this happened. One minute I was admiring this lovely skein of hand-dyed yarn, enjoying the thought of knitting it into a little cardigan for my almost-one-year-old niece.

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The next minute, I was faced with this tangled mess.

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I can't blame it on a mischievous cat (I don't have a cat) or my dog (he was sleeping in the other room) or an unruly toddler (I have teens). No, I have only myself to blame for this frustrating situation.

I carefully took the skein from its wrapper and was handling the yarn oh-so-carefully. Then something possessed me to cut the tiny pieces of yarn (that were keeping the skein tangle-free) BEFORE I put it on the swift. I thought I had two skeins and that they needed to be separated. Wrong.

When I held what I believed to be separate skeins in each hand, I saw--too late--that they were in fact connected by several loops of yarn between them. It all went downhill after that. All attempts to control the situation were futile. Now I'm faced with spending precious knitting time cleaning up my *ahem* mess. Bummer.

On the bright side, the yarn is truly lovely...soft, superwash wool in beautiful colors, and will be wonderful once it's on the needles. If you want some for yourself, go visit Meg's etsy shop. I'm already eyeing the yummy sock yarn...


Kaitie Tee said...

It is very pretty. I hope you get it all put back together!

Carole said...

Don't ya hate it when that happens? It's so frustrating to spend time untangling yarn. Hope it clears up quickly.

LaBean said...

Ugh.. I hate the total yarn mess. I had a similar problem with not tying up the yarn before dyeing it.. You guessed it.. Yarn barf.. I gave up after like 10 minutes and wound up dyeing another ball.