Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Why a warshrag?

Why is it I suddenly have the urge to knit a dishcloth, er,*warshrag,* when I never wanted to before? Why do I browse through all the colors of Sugar 'n Cream at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's, when I never gave them a second look before?

I blame it all on Kay and Ann, and their captivating book. Suddenly, the humble dishloth looks interesting. Things that are so simple begin to look not only useful, but fun! So I've joined the warshrag knitters of America in creating this.

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And I've even started a Sugar 'n Cream stash.

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This stash is guilt-free...at $1.27 per ball, how can you lose? And this project will also be a great one for my daughter, who's ready to learn to PURL, and to create something small yet satisfying. Watch out dirty dishes, here we come!


Carrie said...

I blame them too, I started one of these lovely warshrags today and I got sucked in. I can't wait to go to the hobby store tomorrow and stock up on kitchen cotton.
I like the color combo you chose!

maryse said...

i love sugar n cream. you can collect a huge stash without spending too much $$$.

i've been making the hexegonal washcloths.

amanda said...

Love the colors you chose Leslie!

PlazaJen said...

You know me, always willing to leap on a stash-enhancing wagon - but it's the cotton factor!!!! Maybe if I did the rug with three strands held together.... hmmmm..... feeling myself slipping.... ACK!

VaxGirl said...

Does anyone NOT love Sugar-n-Cream? It seems everytime I've been to any craftstore in the past couple years I've been throwing a ball or 2 into my cart. All those yummy colors, who can resist? And humble dishcloths are instant gratification! (my favorite kind, haha)