Monday, May 29, 2006

MDK all the way!

My knitting the last couple of weeks has mostly involved cotton yarn and the new Mason-Dixon Knitting book. The warshrags are fast and fun, and the selection of Sugar 'n Cream satisfies my ongoing need for color, color, color! It doesn't get much more colorful than this.

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I did manage to tone things down a bit for this little bib.

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This was gifted to my little niece when she visited last week. Her mom promptly protested that she didn't want to get the bib covered in baby rice or peas--I told her she *must* use the bib and not worry about the possible consequences. Hopefully she will heed my advice!

Now that these quick little knits are finished, and the second sock that was on the needles is finally free, I need to get going on something new. The Green Gable pattern is patiently waiting for me, but I've been reading the entries on the KAL blog and I'm a little concerned about the sizing issues so many seem to be having. It's making me a little wary of casting on, but maybe I'll get the motivation this week to give it a try. If not, perhaps I'll just *shop* my own yarn basket to see what's calling out to me next!


Elizabeth said...

Geeat colors! I love those choices together.

Donna Boucher said...

Yours are the best washcloths I have seen so far!!!
Super colors!!!

Cristina said...

happy colors....beautiful! I hope you're part of the KAL!!!

Lynette said...

i love your dishcloths. the colors are great! i'm going to whip out my bright colors now and get started on more.

Megan said...

Those dishcloths are beautiful - especially all together! Do post updates about if the colors change after washing.

YogaGardenGirl said...

You are AWESOME! I love your blog...keep up the cool and exciting pics...I love the potholders...but I just hate knitting with cotton, so....must wait until I have the energy!

Kaitie Tee said...

Great Mason-Dixon knitting! I just got my copy in the mail today. I can't wait to make some brights washcloths. Funny how something so simple can brighten your day isn't it? Makes doing the dishes almost seem fun.