Monday, February 06, 2006

False start

I was so excited to finish my purple Trekking socks so I could cast on with the next ball of Trekking in my stash! I was also anxious to finally give the ubiquitous Jaywalker sock pattern a try.

So I cast on Friday evening and things were good for a while. However, once I finished the ribbing and about three repeats of the zig-zag pattern, I could see something wasn't quite right.

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The double decrease looked odd to me, but I wasn't sure why. I consulted the pattern again and finally realized I was slipping the two stitches separately, rather than together. I was surprised it made such a difference, but it definitely does. I continued on with the pattern, changing my technique and performing the DD as called for, and things began to look better.

Now, though, I have two thoughts. One, I hate that the first three repeats have the DD done *incorrectly* even though they will be on my feet and no one will really ever see them. On top of that, though, I'm not sure this is the perfect yarn for this pattern. The colors and pattern in the yarn itself seem to dominate the great zig-zag, which I really want to see.

So, I plan a trip to the frog pond for this teeny sock start. The Trekking will be destined for a simpler pattern, and I'll save the Jaywalker for my new Socks that Rock yarn that's on the way!


Carole said...

I think it looks good but I know what you mean about wanting the pattern to pop out. I had good luck with Vesper sock yarn and this pattern and also the STR - so long as you have enough.
Trekking looks great as Feather & Fan socks, I think.

Scoutj said...

Be veddy careful or you'll end up joining the Jaywalcoholic Team with me! lol

amanda said...

Bummer about the frogging but you are right...the Trekking isn't the best choice for that pattern. On the bright side, STR is winging its way to you. Yay!

Vicki said...

I had no idea that they had started selling STR online. Yaay! Now I can finally get my hands on some. I think it'll definitely work a little better with another yarn. At least you have the pattern down now though :)

Shanidy said...

I always have to ask the you know what colorway # your Trekking is? I love it!