Friday, August 19, 2005


For some reason, I've been obsessed lately with craft books. I've been cruising the 'net, including ebay and amazon, as well as other blogs to see what's new and interesting.

Japanese craft books in particular have started to catch my eye. Have you seen this site? This is a whole new world to me! Everything--from stuffed toys to stylish bags to kids clothes and household goods--is available in these wonderful books. It seems that most knitters have been involved in other forms of crafting in the past (or present) and I'm no excepion. Crafts I've tried include counted cross stitch--back when I didn't need glasses--rubber stamping, greeting cards, and handmade books. Even as a child, I remember being happiest when I had a project to work on, something to *make.*

So although I've been knitting endlessly (baby blanket and Clapotis, nothing worth showing yet) I decided to make a brief detour on the craft circuit, and I bought this from an ebay vendor.

Image hosted by

Oh, so sugary sweet and cute! All in Japanese, but very easy patterns and so basic I think even *I* can tackle these. What's funny is, I really hate to use a sewing machine. But for these, I think I can make an exception. Stay tuned to see if I actually follow through...or just keep drooling over these pages.


Denise said...

OMG!!! That website has some of the cutest things i've ever seen. Seriously, i may just have to make some big headed kitties for myself.

Vicki said...

I sooo need some of those patterns. I clicked around and found what one of the bag patterns looks like, and I think it looks exciting. Like a puzzle. Well, I know where I'll be blowing some money in the near future :)

carly said...

The 'fuzzy' bits on my toys are actually wool felt or a wool acrylic blend...they are not so fuzzy in real life but they do come up that way in the photos...wool felt is my absolute favourite material to work with. good luck with making some funky Japanese softies :)

zibibbo said...

The bunny is TOO CUTE!! Oh yes! (not to encourage you to leave the sticks and string..I know you can multi-task ;) ) Adorable!

There is something to be said about the quasi-instant gratification one can have with crafts involving a sewing machine come to think of it.

ana said...

Aranzi Aronzo is awesome! If you go their web site (, they have some other books too. One is to make very small, hand sewn felt plush toys similar to the large dolls in this book. But the big plush are totally worth pulling out the sewing machine.