Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A whole lot of knittin' goin' on (not)

My knitting is taking a backseat these days to summer and the new routine it brings. Orthodontist appointments, band camp, upcoming vacation preparations and more. This week, it's the painting project I've been thinking about for the past couple of years--the room belonging to our teenage son.

His room has always been bland and uninteresting, with the builder's beige walls that haven't been painted since they were new about 12 years ago. Every time I asked my son if he'd like an updated paint job and a few changes in the room, he would say it's fine as-is. I think he was secretly fearful of what kind of *makeover* I might dream up.

This summer I decided to ignore that comment and forge ahead while he's at band camp for ten days. That meant the weekend was spent fumigating, er, cleaning out the room. Remember, I said *teenage* boy. It felt good to move everything (except the bed) out of the room, vacuum thoroughly, wipe down the walls and baseboards, and to know it's finally clean--if only 'till he returns.

Yesterday we were finally ready for the start of the transformation. My daughter has been very excited to be in on this surprise for her brother, so she was right in there with me, taping off trim and working hard with the paint roller. Here's what it looked like yesterday.

Did I mention that it's hot here? I mean, HOT? Even with the AC on, this room was a bit sweat-filled yesterday, and my daughter learned that painting is hard work. We did really well, though, and today we're ready for the next coat. Then on to the fun of putting the room back together. I hope to be done with this--and back to knitting--in a few days!


Donna said...

Nice blue color! I am sure he'll love it. We're in painting mode, here, too, as we just moved into a new (to us) house. My husband has learned a lot from DIY web site!! :)

Michele said...

Great blue color...painting color makes such a difference in the room, he'll love it, I'm sure. Take care and stay cool...it's super hot here too.

wendy said...

That's a great colour - looks just like what we just painted our living room/dining room ;)