Friday, June 03, 2005

Baby crazy

Since my brother and his wife announced the impending arrival of their first baby, I continually look for baby patterns to knit. This week, I cast on for this little kimono from the summer issue of Interweave Knits.

Image hosted by

It's so simple, yet so sweet, I couldn't resist! For my version,I chose a pale pink yarn (color #15) called "Maxima" by GGH. It's superwash merino and cuddly soft, nice to knit with and touch. Hopefully nice for baby's skin, too!

I just made it through 6 1/2 tedious inches of garter stitch on size 2 needles, which is my only regret in making this pattern. There's not a lot of challenge, but it does make for great TV knitting! If I'm lucky, there'll be lots of of that with the rain rolling through this weekend...and my sweater will look a lot like the one pictured above!


Jane said...

That's really lovely - beautiful colour and knitting.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - glad you liked the rash of strawberries.

Sarahbchicago said...

Hi, making the same sweater (using Rowan Wool Cotton in blue-grey) and suffering same garter-stitch tedium, but the product will be worth it. Can't wait to see your finished result.

Gaye Jones said...

I love the sweater for baby. I read your blog daily. I also own a Westie named Mackenzie. He is such the dog. I found this site on E-Bay 'Silvergoosestore'. She actually has white westie stitch markers. Thought you might like to see them. I have no blog, only use e-mail.

Vicki said...

You can't show me cute baby knits! Makes me want to knit for babies which makes me want to have babies. It's a viscious cycle really. Can't wait to see it! :)

Mrs.Curvy said...

Very beautiful sweater for the baby! Love you blog also!