Sunday, December 05, 2004

How I spent my Saturday

I wish I could say I spent my Saturday knitting. Or holiday baking. Or listening to Christmas music.

However, we had some pressing matters left over from the day-before-Thanksgiving snow. Yes, I know that was a couple of weeks ago. But Saturday was the first day with nice weather (50s) and a free afternoon.

What started as a beautiful snow

Caused a lot of distress to the trees that hadn't shed their leaves

And even some that were leaf-less fared poorly. Which is the case with my lovely pussy willow. At first glance that snowy morning I thought the branches were just bending very low. Unfortunately, about a third of the trunk split off, which had to be removed. So this was the aftermath of that snowy day

And now waiting for the city to come by and remove the remains

And can you believe it...many of the branches were budding! My poor confused tree thought it was February, not December. I only hope now that what is still rooted in my backyard will make it through the winter!

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Monica said...

Poor tree. I hope it recovers. I hate it when trees are damaged.