Monday, June 21, 2004

Summer solstice

And my birthday! Yup, today's the day. First day of summer...and most daylight hours of any day of the year. Having a summer birthday has always been fun, especially as a kid. No school, endless hours playing outside, lots of freedom to do as you please on your special day. Today my parents were here visiting, so I got to have breakfast with them as well as the rest of my family. I got lots of great gifts, especially some handmade ones from a local art fair. Take a look at the unique garden art from my husband and kids!

I also got some lovely pottery pieces, and a couple of fun souvenirs from my parent's recent trip to Germany and Austria. And my son presented me with a copy of Knitting Lessons, Tales from the Knitting Path, which looks to be a fun read.

To top it off, the day ended with a glorious sunset! Sigh...


Sarah said...

Happy birthday! (Just a little bit late!)

Karen said...

Happy Belated birthday! :)

As for the thumbnails, I followed directions here: I have my photos on shutterfly and on photobucket, and the pic that I used for my first thumbnail was from shutterfly. Now if I could figure out how to get it to pop up in a separate page... :)