Monday, December 03, 2012

Mobile fun

Up in the air


Solo parking


Star struck

I've mentioned before how much I love mobile photography and how it's been my creative mainstay for 2012. So I'm really excited and honored to be guest blogging today at Mortal Muses about my adventures with the iPhone and what I've learned in my daily shooting this year. I hope you'll click over and read my thoughts as well as some tips I'm sharing there.

I'm also loving the community that's created by sharing photos through Instagram, and the fact that from time-to-time I get to meet some fabulous folks who share this love of shooting and sharing. Yesterday a group from the Kansas City area got together and explored a part of town known as Union Hill. It was a blast! We discovered alleyways, graffiti, flea markets, abandoned buildings, lovely renovated homes and even a cemetery on our walkabout .And the unseasonably warm weather was the icing on the cake.

If you haven't connected with other photographers on Instagram or through other online venues, I hope you'll start to do so. It's such a great way to get feedback on your work as well as to be inspired by the creativity of others. And I urge you to get involved in some real life meetups as well. Seek out others in your town or city, see what's being organized, or take the initiative to organize something on your own. It's such fun to take those online connections to a more personal level!


366 dagar said...

Instagram is really fun. I discover it when the museum of photography arranged a instawalk here in Stockholm. We walked around for a hour or so and then we walked back to the museum were they showed our photos on the walls. It was more then 4000 photos.
They served sparkling wine so it was almost like a venissage. Great fun! Your photos are great to follow. Have a great day looking forward to your next pic!

Sahra from Stockholm/Sweden

Leslie said...

Sahra, that sounds like such a great time! I would love to visit Stockholm one day with my cameras and just enjoy all the beauty that I know is there. Thanks for taking time to comment here :)

jackie said...

looks like a blast. i love these photos!!

Rani said...

Hooray! I found you on Instagram and I'm a'followin'.

I am brand new to the instagram thing. It's fun. I also have a nifty new camera that is TO DIE FOR delicious.

See you on Instagram.

ps. I'm Raniknits but I don't have much so you don't have to follow.

Leslie said...

Thanks, was a really fun time! And Rani, so glad you found me. My blog reading has sadly declined but I'll be sure to look for you on Instagram :-)