Thursday, June 07, 2012


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So June has arrived (my birthday month--yay!) and it seems to have just rushed in on the heels of a busy May without a lot of fanfare. The big news is that our college grad got a job offer last week...lots of excitement here for sure! Such a great end to four years of studying and hard work, and now entry into the real world of professional work. It's a joy and relief all at the same time, and bring with it news busyness as more transitions are about to take place.

While plans are being finalized and items on the "to-do" list are checked off, we'll probably be sticking fairly close to home this summer. I am finding ways to wander a little farther than my backyard, however, and it's fun to see what I can find through my camera lens as I do so. Short jaunts to different parts of the city or brief road trips are full of unexpected surprises. Much as I'd like to enjoy a big family trip this summer, I'm challenging myself to take opportunities as they arise and to appreciate the small things, too.

What about you? How are you making new discoveries--and memories--this summer?

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jackie said...

yea job!!! will it be close by or will he be moving away?
college boy here is working for a vet this summer - he wanted to explore that as a career, and he is really digging it.
I think your attitude about exploring rocks! and your pictures rock too!