Friday, June 24, 2011

Just because it's June

Backyard bocceAlmost sangria

This week marked the official start of summer (also my birthday!) and we've been enjoying every minute of it. This time of year has always been energizing to me, with longer days, more flexible schedules, and delicious fresh foods. I've been riding my bicycle, reading some good books, and looking forward to picking blueberries soon. I got two new cookbooks for my birthday and I'm excited to try incorporating some new foods into our meals.Here are a few more links for you to check out as you jump feet-first into summer:
*Fabulous (and fun to make) grilled pizza
*Summery bracelets to make and share
*A new twist on ginger ale
While we're at it, share with me some of your favorite summer finds!


Carole Knits said...

I love summer! Happy birthday to you!

kristin said...

happy birthday leslie!
i love those bracelets. i might need to try my hand at those.


Ines said...

love the photos!
and i'll definitely have to try that ginger ale recipe. sounds (and looks) so yummy. :)