Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All over but the shouting

Through the years
Jar lights
The spread
She did it! Our daughter is now a high school grad, with honors. She finished in the top 17 of her class and we couldn't be more proud. The weekend was fabulous, filled with lots of family, friends, food, photos and activities. We're still eating the last of the treats from the dessert buffet (though I think I should be on a sugar fast at this point in time), and the house is in disarray, but we're all happy. Our summer is officially here and--to steal a phrase from a well-known TV ad-- "We're going to Disney World!" A few party notes: *We followed this tutorial for making the mason jar candle holders; we used birdseed to stabilize the candles in the jar. *I made the cupcakes using the basic white cupcake recipe from Southern Living and topped them with this buttercream frosting--delicious! *The paper lanterns in the last photo are from Pier 1 and were lit with battery-powered LED lights (also from Pier 1)


Carole Knits said...

I'm sure it was an awesome party! Your decorations were beautiful.

Jennifer said...

congratulations, you must be beaming. i cannot remember how i made my way here, but i am always happy to find others who are further down the line than me with my little ones, so thank you for sharing what looks like a promising future.

i love the candles, what a brilliant idea, might have to steal that one this summer.