Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Making plans

Night lightJanuary morning

It's a frigid January morning--about six degrees, I think--and another snow day here. I've had one cup of coffee and I'm waiting for a little daylight before I venture outdoors to clear off the patio another time. The house is peaceful and quiet, only the hum of the furnace breaking the silence. It's wonderful!

So we're solidly into the new year and I'm pondering what creative creative projects I should tackle. I have thoughts swirling in my head but nothing has firmed up yet. One project on my plate is to create a photo scrapbook for my girl who's graduating in just four months! I've slowly started gathering photos, but since she grew up in a (mostly) pre-digital age, there are lots of prints to be scanned. I made one for her brother on Shutterfly but I'm wondering if there are better options now. Any thoughts?

I keep looking at all the cozy handknits online and need to get something back onto my needles. This is especially lovely, don't you think? I like this one, too.

I also hope to just spend more time with my camera this year, maybe trying out some film cameras we have acquired and perhaps even building a contraption so I can try my hand at TtV. Have any of you done this? If so, please share any tips or tricks that might be helpful.

So how about you? What's on your creative to-do list this year?


Char said...

i've heard great things about shutterfly.

i need to recatch the creative bug - hope you are doing well

Rani said...

I have been using iPhoto's photo albums because it works with my iphoto. Their prices have come down quite a bit, but they rarely seem to have special offers and such.

ps. Thanks for your kind words regarding Leo. I really appreciate it.

cottagecowgirlie said...

I love those big cowls Leslie! Your pictures are amazing as always. I hope you guys are staying warm!

amanda {the habit of being} said...

i love that big herringbone cowl! and the pot your bulbs are in - the texture and color are great :)

jackie said...

ooohh, i hate that you mentioned the photo album for your daughter. it's been niggling at me to do one for marshall, but i keep shoving it back because it sounds really daunting right now. i scrapbooked years ago, i guess i could just add to the one i made for him with his school photos in it...
anyway, your pictures are so cozy in these sub-zero temps!

Amanda said...

I hope to make several photo books, sew some clothes for my daughter and stuff for the house, which I'm redoing this year. And of course, lots and lots of knitting.