Thursday, April 22, 2010


I dwell in possibility

The air is filled with spring right now, each day bursting with possibility. So much to love!

Speaking of love, go over and say "Happy Birthday" to my lovely friend, Jan. Her blog is fun and inspiring, and she's amazing!

While you're at it, there are some other creative women you should visit. Alicia and her home are featured on the Show and Tell home tour on The Stir. What beautiful spaces she's created!

And don't forget to drop by Heather's blog and say congrats on her big news! Be sure to spend some time looking at her art gallery, too. Her talent is really special.

Now that you're duly inspired, what will you do today with all your creative energy?


Char said...

well, unfortunately i'm stuck at work but i love reading what inspires everyone

jackie said...

Inspiration - it surely is everywhere especially with spring busting its coat buttons right off. I knew you would be putting your camera right up to spring's glorious display and snapping away! Making what is already lovely even more so!

Fernando said...

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Anonymous said...

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eg lover said...

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The Bush League Cook said...

Hi--I stumbled across your blog today from browsing through blogger's blogs of note and am so glad I did! Beautiful pictures--well done!

Jen said...

I love this photo! LOVE!