Thursday, March 18, 2010

Polaroid posy

Ranunculus, 1
Ranunculus, 3
Ranuncuclus, 2

I love the combination of Polaroid film and flowers. When I saw these ranunculus blooms at my local grocery store, I couldn't snatch them up quickly enough. We've had so many gray days, though, that finding the right light was tricky. I'm pretty happy with these shots, but I'd like to try again on a bright, sunny day. This film definitely loves light. Mother Nature, are you listening?


Rani said...

The photos are delicious. So warm and spring-felt. So is it a real polaroid camera. . . the old shoot and out comes the picture that you wave back and forth while it develops in your hand - kind?

pam said...

I love the soft look of these photos -- low light and all!

Char said...

love them - especially 1 and 3

BelleDame said...

These posies are absolutely beautiful! I love your photography!