Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sharing the love


My crafting, baking and photography time have taken a big hit as I've recently gone back to work on a temporary contract. I'm trying to balance my new responsibilities with those that remain at home, plus still work in some fun things here and there.

I did manage to finish my donation for Craft Hope's Red Scarf project and got it in the mail this week ahead of the deadline. I was really pleased with how it turned out, given the simplicity of the knit. I used two skeins of Berroco Peruvia Quick for the scarf, casting on 20 stitches and just using a simple moss stitch. It caught my dad's eye this weekend when they were here for a visit, and now I plan to make one in blue for him.

My other recent endeavor was creating Valentine postcards using a couple of images I shot last year. The card you see on the scarf is one of them. Thanks to my friend, Jan, who asked if I'd print Valentine cards for her, I actually got my act together and made it happen this year! Maybe next year I'll plan ahead enough to consider selling some online as well. Starting an online shop is an idea I keep toying with, but haven't been sure about implementing. Perhaps that's a goal for the second half of 2010...what do you think?


Char said...

i know these feelings so well. work has kicked in for me and my flickr-ing and art journals have been completely neglected.

beautiful pieces - i know they will be so very excited.

Dr. B. said...

What a GORGEOUS scarf and stunning postcard! You should totally do an etsy shop as long as it feels supportive of what you're trying to do and not like a burden of some kind.

Also, I was so excited to see that you're still here after all this time. I'm back to blogging and am super happy to be reconnecting with old familiar "faces". Seems like forever ago, no?