Thursday, January 07, 2010

Anything but normal

Snow angel

The view outside my window these days is white. Very white. The snow that gave us a lovely Christmas refuses to leave, and has been topped every few days by new powder. Normally the snow lasts only a few days around here, melting quickly a day or two after the storm. Things are definitely not normal right now!

In addition to the mounds of snow, we have sub-zero wind chills, and public schools have been canceled three days running. I've been busy making warm, comforting meals, shoveling the driveway and patio, and spending lots of time with the family. We're still in holiday mode it seems, at least until next week. I guess those plans for organizing and starting new projects will have to wait just a little longer. Any ideas for keeping cabin fever at bay?


Christy said...

No clue on how to avoid the cabin fever, but I sure am sick of all the snow. I don't think we've ever had snow on the ground for this long of a stretch of time.

Ulla V. said...

We have so much snow here in Denmark too. And I just love it! It's a fantastic feeling when everydaylife stands still due to the snow. Schools have been closed here as well.
We have been spending the time playing in the snow, baking, reading, knitting and that kind of cozy stuff...

Enjoy your snowy days. :))

Vicki Knitorious said...

I live in Wisconsin... we're not usually stricken with "cabin fever" until about February.
; ) Wishing you the best.

Rani said...

Ha ha. I agree with Vicki Knitorious! February/March is when we really get a little bonkers (Minnesota). At least in my house.

Great pictures - I love the snow and the shadows and light.

Jen said...

Sitting by the fire and knitting? Please tell me your also sitting by the fire and knitting! LOL... I've been doing a lot of that lately with this weather! I can hear that -9 degree wind howling outside my window! =S

Regi said...

Cabin fever seems to be setting in here too. Legos, Pollys, going green projects and Rock Band (especially Rock Band) has been helping-at least until now. ;) Today we are at least back up into the teens.