Saturday, November 07, 2009

A happy ending

The Red Baron
Pola picnic

It was a glorious week weather-wise here in the K.C. area, and the perfect time to be outside taking photos. I've been frugal with my film, but decided to splurge a bit for 'Roid Week. I have such fun with this camera. Now it's over but the memories are captured in these little squares of happiness.

Be sure to check out the flickr pool to see all the amazing photos shot this week.


Char said...

beautiful shots - really love the perspective looking out the barn door

janis said...

lovely autumn pics!

i simply love the layout of your blog. i'm following + can't wait to see future posts!


Paulina said...

found your blog through Shokoofeh's blog a new simple something...

glad she linked you, your blog is lovely!!!

Hope you don't mind it I follow you :)

Claradevi said...

me too - just like paulina - i found your blog accidentally yet i'm so grateful for that! i'll keep you in my mind. those photos you have are all dreamy and magical... i just adore you.