Sunday, October 18, 2009

Afternoon walk


We saw the sun today for the first time in almost a week. The cheery rays and warmer air called me outside, and I wasn't disappointed.

I always forget how much autumn has to offer; the blooms of spring and summer are showy and bright, but fall color has a magic all its own. Even the drying and dying plants have a certain allure. Seed pods and skeletons of the formerly vibrant growth grace the landscape, less noticeable, but no less lovely.

Mother Nature is preparing for winter, and she does it in style. Don't miss the show!


mayaluna said...

Beautifully said! I had almost given up on seeing the sun again until Spring... but we got out in the warmth today, too. Your photos are gorgeous as always!

Ginger said...

Spring hasn't been great this year. Looks like your Autumn is better.

Char said...

wow - gorgeous

love that long pinecone

jackie said...

I hear you, those days of gloom just about did me in! I soaked up as much vitamin D as i could the last two days! Maybe it will get me through the new round of cloudy skies.