Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eyes wide open

Field of gold



Just popping in to say "hi" today and to share some images of what I'm seeing these days. Life is moving along at its normal fast pace, a few ups and downs but mostly good right now. I'm in the mood to do some closet cleaning and fall decorating, but allergies and an ongoing sinus headache have kept my motivation low. Every time I think about starting a project, I just feel too tired to even begin. Oh, and add to that a broken toe (I missed a few stairs over the weekend) and I'm really moving slowly at the moment. I'm starting to feel a little shut in and I'm reminded that winter will soon be here. Time to get outside and enjoy these perfect days before it's too late! What are you seeing and doing right now?


Rani said...

Do you give your photos away as gifts to family and friends?! You are an amazing photographer!

Char said...

beautiful shots - it's been raining here so I haven't "seen" much. but tomorrow promises sunshine.

Regi said...

I'm sorry about your toe. Ouch! I'm seeing leaves starting to turn, one last rose blooming as the rest of my summer blooms fading.

Kyra said...

Just make yourself get outside. If toe hurts too much, grab your knitting and a chair and just go out and listen to the birds! I'm leaving for Arkansas to pack. We sold our cabin...mixed feelings.

jackie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos - that sky just conveys the changing of the light and fall arriving!
Sometimes you just have to pay attention to your body - sorry about the toe!