Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer love

It's here! One of my favorite seasons, with so much to love.

Veggie delight
Farmstand peonies
Cheery cherry

Garden star
Found art

Farmer's markets, home made ice cream, vegetable gardens, and outdoor art fairs...sigh. I hope you're enjoying some of these things, too.


smoothpebble said...

*Sigh* indeed!! Lovely pictures of summer things to love. Hope you are over your "blues". I'm getting there.

Rani said...

Yummy yummy yummy fun!

Ulla V. said...

So many wonderful things about summer shown in beautiful pictures.
I just love all the things which summer brings along too.
Now I just wait for the weather to become better here in Denmark - it's cold and rainy these days, but I known (read: hope!) that it will change...

Enjoy your lovey summerdays. :0))

Ali said...

Those sculptures really made me smile - thank you!

Ginger said...

Oh.. I want to come with! All those yummy vegetables!