Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A little pumpkin surprise

Now that I'm finally in the fall mood, I decided to whip up something to match the season. Ever since I learned to knit I've intended to make one of these cute hats, but never had a child around young enough to wear it.

Punkin' hat

This one is a little surprise for my grand-nephew, who just turned one about a month ago. Though the hat looks small to me, it does stretch a lot. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be just right! If not, another baby will be joining that family next spring, so it could just be tucked away for a year and given to the next in line.

This pattern was so fun and easy, and there was plenty of yarn left (I think) to make a second one. If you have a little punkin' around your house--or even far away--give it a try!

Project notes: Knit with Reynolds Soft Sea wool, one skein each #0650 and #0853, on US size 4 and 5 needles. Kurbis hat pattern designed by Natalja.


La Cabeza Grande said...

Awww! Too cute, Leslie.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this hat so much! Sooooo sweet. I don't think I could get my kids to wear it but I have a sweet little niece who just turned two.
Thanks for the link to the pattern!

Happy Fall,

tiennie said...

That is so cute!!

Tutta la Storia said...

Oh I MUST HAVE THIS!!! My 7-week old baby girl Ella is going to be a punkin for Halloween, and all I have is a sweet onesie that has a lil' punkin on it.

Donna Boucher said...

That is one adorable hat!!!
Thank you so much for the linkeepoo!