Friday, September 19, 2008

Froggy Friday

Today I'd hoped to show you my latest knitting venture, in all its finished glory. Instead, I have this.

Ten minutes ago

This is (was) the Turn a Square hat by Jared Flood, a gift for my brother's birthday next week. I ignored the cardinal rule of knitting--check your gauge!--and the hat was just too baggy. And though my brother admits to having a large head (literally), I wasn't pleased with the loose fabric I got when knitting with the suggested size 7 needles.

The thing is, I knew I should go down a needle size. I knew it, but ignored that nagging little voice in my head. Guess I'll listen a little more closely next time!


Sew Fab Martha said...

Ah yes, lesson learned!
Gotta listen to the nagging!
Hope it comes out smoothly the second time around!

Carole Knits said...

We've all been guilty of ignoring that little voice. Just last week I ignored it and had to reknit the entire yoke of Hannah's February Lady Sweater. I keep thinking I'll learn some day but I'm not sure about that.

mayaluna said...

The dreaded gauge swatch! I'm sorry...but I just jumped into your future via flickr and it came out beautifully in the end!!! This looks like the perfect pattern for me...I've been searching for the right MALE hat for fact, I might like it for me, too! I tend to be a tighter knitter than I care to admit...I'll force myself to check my gauge! :)

tiennie said...

What a bummer. Here's hoping the next one turns out alright!