Saturday, July 19, 2008

From blue to black

My trip to the blueberry patch yesterday wasn't as, um, fruitful as I'd hoped. Normally the plants are loaded with berries and you just have to reach out and pop them into your bucket. This time, though, the bushes were nearly empty and there were few to be found. My friends and I picked for about 30 minutes, and each of our buckets was only one-third full.

In the midst of the slow picking, there was one unexpected surprise.


I don't know if there was a mama nearby watching over this nest. I certainly hope so!

After our disappointing start, we decided to switch gears and headed to the blackberry patch. I've never picked blackberries before, and it's a very different experience. There are lots of tiny thorns, and the best, ripest berries are often in the center of the bush or hanging low to the ground.


I also learned that the berries that look ripe aren't necessarily so. I ended up with berries that were close, but should have stayed on the plant a few more days. These look ripe, don't they?

Don't be fooled

Don't be fooled! They were sour enough to make my face pucker. Nothing a good cobbler can't fix, though. This was our reward after dinner last night.

Blackberries 'n' cream

Mmm, so good. Though I'd planned on a blueberry pie, this blackberry cobbler was a nice change of pace. May all your berry picking adventures have a sweet ending, too!


Kyra said...

Gosh, those eggs in the nest are so beautiful! Isn't nature such a wonder? wow...

Jan said...

Yum! That cobbler looks delicious!!!

(The eggs are beautiful. I probably shouldn't be so focused on the food ...)

tiennie said...

Great photos of the eggs, berries and icecream - yum!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Love the eggs in situ. Brown, green and robin's egg blue are some of my favorite colors, and nature does it best!

Anonymous said...

Ours are still green...a couple more weeks though and they'll be ready. Great pics! The nest pic...totally want to sketch that. May I?

Leslie said...

Andie, feel free to sketch away! I'd love to see what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I loved the four eggs and I have four know! Anyway, I had some quiet time this morning so I started it.
Thanks again for the inspiration!

Heidijayhawk said...

oh that just looks amazing! and i hope that mama bird was close by!

June said...

Your photography is simply brillant! I love your site! :)