Monday, May 05, 2008

Linen and lace

I have a confession: I have been knitting, but I haven't been sharing. There's actually a fun project on my needles that I've kept hidden away up until now. Why? Well, it started out rather slowly and I wanted to show more than just a few rows. And, it's a project that will probably take a while for me to complete (given my limited knitting time these days) so I didn't want to bore you with continued updates on the same piece of knitting.

So, it's time to share! I started with this.

Euroflax yarn

This linen (Neptune colorway) is a yarn I've wanted to try for some time, but didn't have a specific project in mind. Surfing the 'net one day I came across this free pattern, and it was decided.

Another confession: I was not a careful reader when I purchased the yarn for this shawl. Somehow I missed the statement that three skeins of yarn were needed; I had it in my head that it was a one-skein project. (Wishful thinking, I suppose.) I bought one skein and started on my merry way. About halfway through that skein it became obvious that one skein was not going to complete the project. When I reread the materials list, I saw that a total of three skeins was required. So, time for more yarn!

Euroflax shawl ripples

Right now I'm at the very end of the first skein, though I'm a little more than one-third of the way through the pattern repeats. The pattern calls for a reverse single crochet border as the finishing touch for the shawl, so that will probably account for the remaining yarn.

I'm interested to see how this yarn responds once laundered, if it softens up as promised. For now, I just need to keep the momentum going and enjoy the process as I go!


Anonymous said...

I love this pattern! And the yarn looks wonderful... BUT, what do you mean by "launder." Can you really launder it?

Can't wait to see this finished! ;-)

Colleen said...

It absolutely softens up when washed and dried. You'll love it - and it's a BEAUTIFUL color!

tiennie said...

Pretty color and pattern!

Shannon said...

This is a lovely shade of blue. I must say that I love Euroflax in general, but this color is just yummy.

Lolly said...

This pattern is really beautiful! I just bought a nice share of linen at MDSW, and I have some tanks and cardis planned, but any leftovers would be perfect for this. The blue you are working with is amazing. I have heard that it really softens up with wash and wear.

kat coyle said...

Oh yeah, it really softens up a lot. I love euroflax linen!