Monday, August 20, 2007

Slow and steady

I feel like such a slow knitter these days. Not much to show over the past couple of weeks as I haven't made much time for knitting. I finally stole some time to finish this little sweater a few days ago, and purchased buttons today. Done!

Garter stitch baby sweater

The yarn is Lorna's Laces (color #42), which I loved working with. The pattern is by Debbie Bliss from her book Quick Baby Knits. I honestly had a hard time knowing what this would look like, as the one photo in the book showed the sweater on an infant lying down and at a little bit of an odd angle. The photo actually led me to believe that the front was more of a *cutaway* jacket look, which obviously it's not. The construction was simple, as the sweater is knit in one piece and then seamed up each side and under the arms.

Garter stitch baby sweater Garter stitch baby sweater

For interest, I truly prefer EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket to this pattern, but I knew it wouldn't knit up to the size I need with this particular yarn. The baby I'm giving this to is already three months old and probably won't wear it for at least another month or so.

Next on my *to-do* list is the Tomten Jacket for my niece who will turn two this fall. I just have to decide on a nice color combo and do the math to determine the yardage I'll need. I've been haunting the Zimmermania site for ideas, but anyone with advice on knitting a Tomten, I'm all ears!


La Cabeza Grande said...

Very simple, attractive baby cardi. I like it a lot. Regarding the Tomtem, why not reach out to Jared at brooklyntweed? He should definitely be able to help with construction advice.

By the way, I like the new look of the site.

goodkarma said...

Aw, it's so sweet! I love the colors and that there are just three top buttons.

Elizabeth said...

It's very cute. Any baby will be lucky to wear that.

Jane said...

That is an adorable sweater. I love the color you chose, too.

Emilee said...

What a cute sweater!

Sonnja said...

What a beautiful sweater!
Kind Regards


Rani said...

It's beautiful! Congrats!

Alice said...

The sweater turned out adorable! I'm also planning on knitting a Tomten this fall so I'll be checking back to see if you have any tips ;)

sue said...

What a cute little sweater and the color is beautiful. Beth over at is knittting a tomtem jacket for her daughter, and I am sure it is possible it might be a size to fit a 2 yr old. Best pop over and take a peek as hers looks really cute.