Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Embroidery adventures

I've been wanting to try some more embroidery, on a small scale, so when I received an invitation to my niece's baby shower I decided to try my hand at embellishing some little onesies.


This endeavor turned out to be more tricky than I expected. I tried every manner of transfer for the designs but none were completely satisfactory. And the smaller the design, the harder it became to get a clear image on the t-shirt fabric. I finally got an acceptable design to follow by using a Clover transfer pen. I also tried using some Super Solvy fabric stabilizer on the back of the onesie, but I became frustrated with it and abandoned its use after completing the first design.


My other challenge with these tiny designs was the stitching itself. I generally use a basic outline stitch, but on these designs it was much trickier than I expected. I ended up with a mixture of outline and running stitches, but I still wasn't completely satisfied. I did, however, finish all three and popped them into the mail yesterday. Whew!


Now, back to knitting!


La Cabeza Grande said...

Can I just say "awww, sweetness!"

Abbey said...

oh how sweet! They remind me of embroidery that I did for Hannah on her baby onesies. :) I wish I still lived near you.. you could borrow all of my embroidery books!
email me if you want book titles and you can get them at the library!

ChelleC said...

Oh, Leslie, how darling. That's a great idea to embroidery onsies as a gift. Yours are so cute.

Rani said...

These are so so cute! If I was a new mom and got these as a gift, I'd be very touched! What a neat idea.

Felicia said...

They're adorable :)

Alice said...

Darling! I have never embroidered on t-shirt material successfully... those look amazing! Such a nice gift :)

maryse said...

the onesies are adorable.