Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Well, I'll swan

Have you ever heard that saying? It's one my grandmother used often. I think it was supposed to mean something like "I'll swear," or perhaps a milder, "I declare." I was never sure about the origin of that phrase, but it seemed to pop up regularly.

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Well, I'll's some knitting to show, finally! Sock number one has actually been done for a while, but number two was set aside as I became obsessed with the baby surprise jacket. All that's left on the BSJ is the seaming, plus I need to find some cute buttons. Very fun! So for now, I'm back to this sock 'till another small project pulls me away. Now that flip-flop weather is here (yay!) it may be a while before my feet actually need these!


Carole Knits said...

I swan, you use the prettiest sock yarn!

amy said...

yes, those are very pretty!

and i wish it was flip flop weather here. we still have months to go before it will be warm enough.

Kathy said...

Those socks are gorgeous. I love that yarn!