Thursday, September 01, 2005

Origami knits

Knitting baby things is dominating my project list these days. I guess the fact that baby items are cute, tiny (quick to knit with small amounts of yarn) and get such wonderful responses (awww!) keeps me knitting for the little ones.

Anyway, the latest on my list are some adorable little shoes. Inspired by the darling pink pair recently knit by goodkarma, I decided to give them a try. Believe it or not, they start out looking like this.

Image hosted by

After much weaving in of ends and sewing together, they look like this.

Image hosted by

Whew! The assembly took nearly as long as the knitting. I felt like I was folding up some origami project as I tried to figure out how the whole deal was supposed to become this little bootie.

The pattern for these is from the book Knitting for Two by Erika Knight. It's another great library find for me, and it's full of many great patterns. I used GGH "Bali" yarn (50% cotton, 50% poly) and hardly made a dent in the ball. I may have to give the lacy bonnet a try before all's said and done.


Jamie said...

Looks so cute. I just love baby items.

Scoutj said...

Ha! Take a look at my blog....same posts!

goodkarma said...

Aww, they turned out so cute! Swell gift. I know what you mean about the origami construction, though... :)

Suzanne said...

So cute! I know what you mean about assembly. Some of the bootie patterns I've seen are very clever in construction...but kind of a hassle. But who cares when you get such an adorable bootie out of it. Talk about the "aww-factor!"

Vicki said...

Definitely "Awww!"-worthy. They do look like quite a bear to seam up though. I'd love to see the bonnet :)

Michele said...

Way cute!

Leslie said...

Hi Leslie!
WOW! Your site is so much fun! And your knitting is to die for!

Becky said...

I LOVE your photography,(especially the bootie shot) not to mention your very inspiring, and extremely tasteful finished projects. Beautiful blog!