Monday, September 06, 2004

So cute, I can bear-ly stand it!

I was obsessed about finishing the Baby Bear so it could go into the wash this morning. Last night I finished the backside and seamed the two pieces together. Then I got up early, popped the wee one into the machine, and here's what came out.

Well, actually, here's what it looks like stuffed with newspaper. This is just temporary until the bear has a chance to dry. You might be wondering about the string around its arms--the pattern suggested tying the arms forward so the bear will offer more of a hug when it's finished. So sweet!

The bear is also holding a baby spoon so you can get some idea about its size. He (I think it's a he) was 13 inches tall before felting, and now comes in around 10 1/2 inches. My daugher is already oohing and aahing over him, and asking for a bear like this for Christmas!

The next challenge, before the final stuffing, will be adding the facial features. I had planned to just embroider the eyes, nose and mouth (no glass eyes for this one), but I may switch plans and try needle felting the features on. I have a day or so to think about it while the bear dries. I need to check the stash and see if I have the yarn colors I might need for the felting process. Wish me luck!


M said...

Hi Leslie! I found your blog right away! Yes, I am from OP too! You knitting is beautiful - that purple purse is adorable!

zibibbo said...

*jaw drops open*

That is so unbearably cute! cute! cute! What a neat felt proj! I'll stay tuned for the finishing touches!

Anonymous said...

Wow, is that bear cute!
I came across your blog while surfing and had to comment on the bear. Usually these things never really catch my eye but yours certainly does.


Abbey said...

Leslie, He is so cute!! Please bring him to knit night so we can check him out. We missed you last night..hope to see you next week...and you too Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Leslie, That bear is adorable ... must make one .... must ignore impulse to make one, too many WIP's as it :)